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Feb 01,  · Clindamycin will not work for colds, flu, or other virus infections. This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription. This product is available in the following dosage forms. Feb 01,  · For topical dosage forms (gel, solution, and suspension): For acne: Adults and children 12 years of age and over—Apply two times a day to areas affected by acne. Infants and children up to 12 years of age—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor. Missed Dose. If you miss a dose of this medicine, apply it as soon as possible.

Sep 06,  · Clindamycin - Renal dosing. Reference(s) National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine, DailyMed Database. Aug 04,  · The average dose of clindamycin for an infection is to mg by mouth every six hours, according to For more severe infections, the dose is increased to between and mg by mouth every six hours.

Jan 20,  · Rats receiving clindamycin hydrochloride at mg/kg/day (approximately times the highest recommended adult human dose based on mg/m 2) for 6 months tolerated the drug well; however, dogs dosed at this level (approximately times the highest recommended adult human dose based on mg/m 2) vomited, would not eat, and lost weight. For treatment of bacterial infections: Adults— to milligrams (mg) every 6 hours. For more severe infections, to mg every 6 hours. Children weighing 10 kilograms (kg) or more—Dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor.

Clindamycin Dosage Clindamycin is available in pharmacies as the brand name Dalacin C or Cleocin. The usual prescribed dose for adults is mg- that is one or two capsules to be taken four times daily for about a week or two. The dose is less than this if it is prescribed for a child. Aug 01,  · Clindamycin does pass into breast milk and may cause side effects in the nursing baby. If you are breastfeeding while taking this medicine, call your doctor if your baby has diaper rash, redness or white patches in the mouth or throat, stomach discomfort, or diarrhea that is watery or names: Cleocin Vaginal, Cleocin, Cleocin Phosphate IV.