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Sep 14,  · Adults and Autism Currently, adults with autism are evaluated under Social Security Listing Their symptoms are evaluated in a very similar manner to children. Social Security looks for difficulty with social skills and cues. Childhood Autism is found as a listing under Section of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Impairment Listing Manual, or “Blue Book.” The requirements of both Paragraph A and Paragraph B must be met in order to qualify a child for disability benefits. Impairments that Qualify for Autism Disability Benefits.

Autism spectrum disorder (see B8), satisfied by A and B: Medical documentation of both of the following: Qualitative deficits in verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and social interaction; and; Significantly restricted, repetitive . An adult 18 years or older may qualify for SSI if they have a qualifying disability and meet the financial eligibility requirements. At age 18, Social Security no longer considers parent income and resources when determining financial eligibility, so a child who was previously denied may now qualify based on their income and resources alone.

Mar 30,  · Typically, the disorder is diagnosed by the time a child is three years old. An adult who suffers from autism may qualify for both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits as well as Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits. However, for adults to qualify for SSDI, they must have paid into the system. The SSA administers two disability programs through which individuals who have been diagnosed with autism may qualify: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – this program is generally only available to adult, disabled workers who meet both the medical and technical eligibility requirements.