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This breed directory page features Keeshond dog breeders with puppies and/or adult dogs for sale. Once you purchase your new found friend, you will want to provide it the best in pet health care. Be sure to visit our online discount pet supplies catalog and order NuVet Plus™ to keep your puppy and adult dogs in top condition. The discount. Keeshond Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! Donate. Adopt Keeshond Dogs in Pennsylvania. Filter. D Lusi (f) (female) German Shepherd mix. Bucks County, Southampton, PA ID: Lusy is 4 years old aproximately 80 pounds female who is absolutely adorable and greet with everyone. Cats dogs.

Bay Area Rescue Keeshonden, Inc. (BARK) is an all-volunteer, (c)(3) Keeshond Rescue organization. Donations to BARK are tax-deductible. BARK. The Keeshond is a compact little animal which has a strong resemblance to its ancestor the Samoyed. Their eyes are medium sized and dark in colour. Their ears are erect and set high on the head. The Keeshond tail is medium in length that is carried over the back.

Oct 22,  · An adult keeshond requires a different type of diet than a puppy. Taking the common health issues of this breed into consideration can help an owner to find a balanced diet for their canine. Keeshond puppy food: Protein in a keeshond puppy’s diet supports the healthy growth of tissue. AKC Keeshond Puppies For Sale Responsible Breeders will have proof they have completed the following Health tests prior to breeding their dogs. Don't take their word for it, ask to see documentation and/or direct links to the results on bizarc.xyz

The keeshond combines many traits of the best house dogs: fairly energetic and playful, very attentive and loving, and ready for adventure yet content to take it easy. It is sensitive and learns readily. It makes a good companion for a child or adult. It . The Keeshond, affectionately referred to as a Kees, is a spitz-type dog breed that originated in the Netherlands. As a spitz breed, the Keeshond is a descendant of ancient arctic or sub-arctic sled dogs and shares the same distant ancestors as .