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If you have conducted no prior testing, we can provide guidance for what testing is recommended. Wellington-Alexander Center is proud to offer all-inclusive neurodevelopmental screening, assessment and treatment for dyslexia and other language-based learning disorders. The Nelson-Denny Reading Test of Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Reading Rate: This test is administered to those in grades , and adults. The test accesses student achievement in vocabulary, comprehension and reading rate to aid in placement of high school and college students, and to identify those with reading problems.

Adult dyslexia tests evaluate an individual's reading, writing, spelling, and visual and directional skills, as these are some of the common problems of adults who have this disorder. This article gives you details about the different tests to diagnose dyslexia in adults. Dyslexia is most commonly understood as a learning disability in which an individual’s ability to read, write, and spell words . Jun 20,  · Despite its biological basis, dyslexia can’t be diagnosed with a simple blood test or brain scan.

Adult in the Workplace Listen If you believe you have Dyslexia and it is affecting your work your employer is legally obliged to provide assistance under the Equality Act Listen They have a duty of care to ensure that employees with dyslexia are not treated unfavourably and are offered reasonable adjustments or support. Dyslexia Test - Screening for Signs of Dyslexia. Fill in the answers below to see if you or your child has signs of dyslexia. Our dyslexia test is not a valid substitute for a test by a professional. If you believe you might have dyslexia symptoms, please consult a dyslexia specialist.

Dec 11,  · Check for problems with spelling in older children or adults. Spelling is tough for a lot of people. But it can be really difficult for people with dyslexia, because the brain has trouble connecting letters with speech sounds. If you or your child struggle with spelling even basic vocabulary words, then look into getting tested for dyslexia. For example, someone with dyslexia might often Views: 31K. Sandra Streitman, Ph. D. is a clinical neuropsychologist with interest in neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, OCD, learning disabilities, mood and anxiety disorders, and.