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Jan 07,  · I’d like to add some adult content to my plex setup, but keep the kids out. I’ve read where you can create a 2nd plex account and share your kid libraries with that, but then they can’t see any of the content that other people have shared with me. I typically let the kids login using the main account so they can see all of the content on my server and servers that are . Our care and content clothing tags are professional industry standard and are available only in the designs shown. There is no personalization for them. These tags are all % woven (not imprinted). The labels are cut, folded, and ready to be sewn into all your sewing projects! Though it's likely to arrive sooner, ple.

The inclusion of content warnings is neither restrictive (it does not label anything as off limits to teach) nor coddling (it does not assume that students can’t handle the material, on the contrary, it treats them as adults who can and should attend to their own wellbeing with all available information). Jul 07,  · Federal labeling requirements for textile and wool products, enforced by the FTC, require that most of these products have a label listing the fiber content, country of origin and identity of the manufacturer or another business responsible for marketing or handling the item. 1 Fur products have label requirements as well. 2 Care labels for.

Feb 05,  · Utah visitors to the site, Xhamster, are greeted with a “warning” label that says “porn may lead to decreased stress, increased happiness, and lower rates of teen pregnancy,” reports FOX GameZBoost – White Label Gaming and Tournaments Solutions and Platforms – HTML5 Mobile, Desktop & Native App Games. GameZBoost a trusted provider of white label and custom gaming solutions and platforms for desktop, mobile and social deployments. Access to a feature rich gamign tournaments platform for casual and skill games.

May 16,  · Using RTA Labels for Adult Content. By David Walsh on May 16, 9; Sometimes the web seems like a grab bag of anything because anyone can put just about anything up. There are, however, an increasingly large number of organizations that choose to be responsible about the adult or sensitive content they push. Adult Signature Required - Check ID Recipient Must be at least 21 years old Do not deliver to an intoxicated person No signature release, driver release or indirect delivery allowed Shipper certifies that this shipment complies With: SEL Shipping Label Author: