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Open Heart Surgery. Surgery may be necessary to repair certain congenital heart defects. These procedures are performed by surgeons who help establish national standards for treating adult congenital heart disease. Minimally Invasive Procedures. Small incisions are used, when possible, to reduce scarring and pain and shorten your recovery. The day of surgery, you care will be provided by surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses who specialize in surgery for patients with congenital heart disease. After surgery, you will go to the post-surgical care unit where you will receive comprehensive care by .

Congenital heart surgery A congenital heart defect is a malformation of the heart existing at birth. This defect results from the failure of the heart or major blood vessel to mature normally during gestation. These defects may be readily apparent at birth or may be discovered later in life. Often children may remain without symptoms for many. If you were born with heart disease, Vanderbilt Health knows how to care for your unique heart. Our Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program is one of the most experienced programs in the region and recognized as a comprehensive care center by the Adult Congenital Heart Association. We have the experts to provide you with comprehensive care to help you live a .

Adult Congenital Heart Program. This clinic provides outpatient evaluation and follow-up for patients, 18 and over, with congenital heart disease. Our services include: Continued follow-up and consultation with pediatric or adult surgery, pediatric cardiology and high-risk obstetrics;. We specialize in the complex anatomy and heart function of adult congenital heart disease (ACHD). In collaboration with Hartford Hospital, we offer comprehensive diagnostics, lifestyle counseling, medical management and interventional and surgical treatment for the full spectrum of conditions related to ACHD.

Jul 01,  · Abstract. Objective: With a growing number of children with congenital heart disease (CHD) reaching adulthood, an extensive experience with cardiac surgery in adults with CHD is accumulating. To increase insight in this patient category we report our year single centre experience including predictors for adverse outcome and EuroSCORE by: Adult Congenital Surgery. The specific services available to your patients suffering from adult congenital heart defects include: Minimally invasive, limited incision repair of congenital defects; Reoperative procedures for correction of progressive congenital heart defects; Combined heart and lung transplantation for end-staged congenital.