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adult car bingo - Bingo Tarte - Paizuri Summer (English Ver.)

May 24,  · Everyone in the car has to choose an unusual color for a car (purple, yellow, mint green, etc.), and you get points for every car of that color you see. . Apr 10,  · While the traditional road trip games, like the alphabet game and the license plate game, can be good for the whole family, we plan to entertain ourselves in a more adult a few.

Jul 13,  · Here are two different Car Bingo games. Each has 4 different cards with the items scrambled up. Print enough for each person to have one from each game. Pennies make good card markers, or you can print fresh ones for each trip and check off items with a pencil. Jul 26,  · Brilliant car bingo sheet that applies to any location. Sometimes the car bingo games are specific to one area of the states. Loved your commentary, too! Been there before! Reply. Cheryl Spangenberg says. February 24, at am. Thanks Tiffany! I try to be as universal as possible! We move all the time and travel all over so that helped.

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Jun 20,  · Car Bingo Before you embark on a road trip, DIY your very own bingo boards. Fill each grid with makes and models of vehicles you’ll most likely pass during your trip. At the beginning of the ride, hand out the bingo boards—along with a pen or pencil. How to Play Bingo: Print out a bingo card for each player and give each player one set of markers. There are two different ways you may choose to play the road trip version of this game and have players “claim” bingo spaces: Option 1) All players who see a single bingo item (road sign, etc.) during the drive can call out the item and mark the space on their game board.